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Hi, my name is Julie Scudder. I am a mother of 2, a retired teacher, and a lover of all things summer… sunshine, beaches, good books, tan lines, and lemonade.

For as long as I can remember I have loved to write. Not essays, book reports, or term papers, just the handwriting. I was one of those young girls who practiced and practiced making letters, at first print and then graduated to cursive. I practiced so much in fact, that by the time I was in fifth grade, I was excused during English class when they had handwriting lessons. In high school and college, I experimented with many kinds of markers and pens. I dearly loved to write letters and address envelopes. Many people told me that my printing looked just like a typewriter.

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I became a teacher in 1984 and took pride in teaching children how to print. When the computer became an integral part of teaching, I fell in love with fonts. It was fun to try my own hand at copying them! I had such a great time making bulletin boards and anchor charts for my classroom. When I retired, I started using this skill to help others by addressing Christmas cards, wedding invitations, making name cards, personalizing frames, and banners. What began as a hobby turned into a side business that I really enjoy: Just Handwritten. Let’s start a project together!

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In the beginning, most of my work came through friends and family asking me to do things I never really planned on doing. A few of those things include personalizing sunglasses for a destination wedding, making name tags for everyone on a football team, or rewriting a grandfather’s words of wisdom. What started as addressing invitations turned into making a bride’s dream come true. They all have unique ideas and I try my best to make them come to life. I have been able to provide not only the invitation addressing, but also name cards, gift bags, seating charts, and much more. I am hoping I can help you out in the same way.



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